A Year's Worth of Phone/Business Card Holders?

When a new customer asks for five of something, why not just go ahead and make 277?

277 cut to size, ready for sanding

277 cut to size, ready for sanding

Beyond the obvious reason (insanity), I am hoping this batch will be enough to last at least through the remainder of 2019. Of course if they really catch on and I start selling 100/month I won’t be too upset.

This project also marks another stage of the business. After several years of experience and and quite a few improvements to the shop (expensive improvements) I have refined the process for each item. This business is a side-hustle, but to improve efficiency even further I need to refine the process to the point where I could teach an employee (and actually pay them a living wage to do it). With this batch I am looking at every step and every process with a critical eye.

Without going over all the boring details I think this project has been a success. I’ve proven to myself that these can be made with a fairly obsessive level of quality AND in a short amount of time.

This batch contains some really beautiful wood with over 100 curly maple pieces, about 30 each of bubinga / walnut / bloodwood / purpleheart, and a dozen cocobolo.

I’ve used several other species in the past, and I’ve found that personal taste varies quite a bit. Only the curly maple (I think because it is familiar) and the cocobolo (because it is the most colorful) are true standouts. What is your favorite?

Next on the docket is an order for 55 cutting boards. But I figure why not make a whole lot more?